This is a server based off of Cartere cluster as far as settings go, but changed a few things around. I have added stack mods to all the basics and am willing to adjust them as I go based on what people vote on. I have Extinction dinos crossed over onto Ragnarok. I also may be changing that because possibly going to add extinction to the list, but might keep it for those who can not afford extinction. Its 6 man Tribes so makes it more pvp friendly, but at the same time dinos are max level wild at 360lvl. So that makes it more fun to do PvE at the same time. I have edited all the drops to where you can get any rariety from primitive to ascendant, and get cross dino saddles. It is a fun Challenging Server with nice people on it. I do do events also for people to get new colored dinos', and boss fights and stuff like that.

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