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    I'm Jay Cartere and I make videos on YouTube. This page is for those who want to play with me on my boosted ARK servers on the PS4. Players will be featured in my ARK videos/livestreams on my YouTube channel. Your name (or channel name) will also be listed in all my future video descriptions if you are a patron.

    I am hosting fun, boosted PVP servers for subscribers and fellow mature ARK fans who don’t have all day to grind out metal and tame a Dino. These servers are for mature players only and you will be able to enjoy the fun of ark without the saltiness and constant grinding of official servers.

    There are boosted, modded drops on all servers. There are TEK drops in the red drops on the Aberration and Island servers.

    Auto Unlock Engrams is also enabled so you will unlock tek engrams at level 1 and you don't have to waste time unlocking engrams every level. Engram points and player levels are also raised so you can unlock everything.

    So you must make a strategic decision. Do you set up a main base on the maps with TEK, to have a small advantage in firepower? Or do you set up a main base on Ragnarok, where you have access to GRIFFINS, WYVERNS and even ROCK ELEMENTALS? The choice is yours. I hope that this encourages some fun cross map PVP as well as a bunch of strategies and power struggles!

    There is a communal area where trades and smelting may be done in peace. There will also be weekly events (when we get enough patrons) where prizes can be won by players. An arena has also been created for PVP fights and tame fights that players can bet on.

    If you want to RP or you don’t want to RP then you are also welcome on the server.

    Remember this is a PVP cluster so PVP is encouraged and is not against the rules. Please do not join if you will moan when you get into a fight.

    If you want to join then please go to and follow the 3 steps to register.

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