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Boosted but not too boosted, can still enjoy the grind of Ark


    Server is boosted but not too boosted. Players can still enjoy the grind of Ark. It is both PVE and PVP. PVP players are advised not too go into the PVE area and kill players and/or raid them. Vice versa with pve players. Pve players may enter the PvP zone at their own risk. If a pve player goes into the PvP zone and raids or attacks a PvP base then the pve player(s) must convert to pvp. Vice versa for PvP players too. When you raid a tribe, don’t completely wipe them. Only to send a message. Red Ob and the Redwoods are the PVE zones. Green ob, blue ob and the swamps are the PVP Zones. Admins and the server police will be watching and monitoring the areas. Also I will be changing the map every month so that way players won’t get bored of the same map. Character data will stay the same and I will give players all the dinos and materials they had to make up for what they had on the other maps, just to be fair 😁. But other then that, have fun and if anyone has ideas or suggestions on what to add or boost more or boost less, then let me know. Have fun but not grieving please or you will be banned.

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