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Home Maps (Rag/Center/Abb/Genesis+(Valguero PVE/CryoIsland)


✦ XP/Harvesting: 15x

✦ Taming/Hatching/Breeding/Maturation: 25x

✦ Slightly Boosted Character Stats: Movement/Fort. 3x | Weight 1000x | rest are 2x

✦ Official Character/Dino Levels

✦ Auto Engrams

More Details:

✦ Quicker Nights

✦ Slower Water/Food Drain

✦ Increased Items Stacks

✦ Custom Drops

✦ Daily restart @ 5am EST

✦ Admin-logging on

✦ Weapon/Armor/Recipe values capped (ex: weapon max damage is 755)

✦ Imprint Stat Multiplier: 2x

✦ Mating Interval Multiplier: .075 (default is 1)

✦ Turret Limit: 150

✦ Element harvesting only 5x vs other resources 15x

✦ Corpse Locator: 45min

✦ Increased dino melee doesn't harvest more

✦ Friendly fire on

✦ Slightly Increesed Element From Boss's


Valguero PVE/CryoIsland


✦ No Item Downloads All Other Transfering Is On

✦ Safe Place To Store Breeders/Back Up Tames

✦ Harvest Lowered To 10x Compared To The Other Maps

✦ Explosives Cost 1000 Element (You Want To Raid Transfer To The Other Maps)

✦ Drops Are Not Custome Here (Drops and Fishing Loot Is 1.5)

✦ Cryo Island can be found at Chalk Hills Zone 2 or by using the public teleporter located at each ob

✦ This map serves as a place for raided/new tribes to pre craft stuff and jump back in to our other pvp maps.

You can request your own cryo room by leaving a message with G4tcha101 either on discord or psn with your tribe name

and pin code.


Island (Full PvP/Fiber Craft)


Why so different from the rest of cluster?

Consistent PVP. Every evening, you can have lots of action without much time investment.

Within a week, you can have large scale bases to attack or defend without the salt.

Just a fresh take on pvp, allowing you to hone your skills. With resets every month or two,

this does not replace the benefits of our cluster's home maps where breeding lines can be

pushed to their limits, caves/bosses ran, and alpha status truly achieved.

✦ 1000x XP

✦ 100x Harvesting

✦ 40X Breeding/Maturation

✦ Instant Taming

✦ Fiber used to craft most standard things

✦ Boosted Drops (no tek)

✦ No transfers to rest of cluster

✦ DLC dinos modded in (Velos, Manas, Griffins, Giant Turtle, Bloodstalkers, etc)

✦ Auto Engrams

✦ All character/dino stats official except weight, food, water

✦ No Admins, Admin logging on

✦ No ORP

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