Check out the best 4 man pvp cluster! Balanced gameplay for the 4 man tribe, all maps, no allies, modded drops, altered boss fight tribute costs, find mek bps in alpha boss fights, stack mods, crafting and consumable costs adjusted

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Veggie cakes: 1 each advanced crop, 2 honey, 2 stimulant
Mind wipes: 25 narcotics, 200 mejo berries
Kibble: 20 mejo, 20 raw meat, 20 hide, 20 fiber
Other consumables: 15azul, 15 amar, 15 stim
Medbrews: 100 tinto

Abberation only official dinos can be ridden, other dinos can be out for breeding purposes but they will have increased damage.

Drops are changing content
White drops are still prim kits
Green drops are cosmetics and chibis
Blue drops artifacts
Purple drops structures
Yellow drops saddles
Red drops Advanced PVP kits

Costs for boss fight tributes are adjusted on several maps
Element from each boss has been adjusted

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