✨| Well howdy there! You looking for an eye-luring Fibercraft server, that suits your needs perfectly? Well then lad, look no further!

πŸ’₯β€”Welcome to Boundless Ark Cluster! Boundless is a new Ps4 Ark server that has just been recently created, but fully integrated and ready! I want to give those players would just want to β€œwild out” and show their skill on the battlefield. And the best part? Its πŸŽ‰FibercraftπŸŽ‰, so no hardcore resource grinding!

About this server
β€”|πŸ”±3-4 man tribe
β€”|πŸ”± Ragnarok
β€”|πŸ”± Admin Shop
β€”|πŸ”± Instant-tame
β€”|πŸ”± Max 600 Dinos
β€”|πŸ”† NEW
β€”|πŸ”± 1000x Harvest
β€”|πŸ”±26 slots
β€”|πŸ”±x400 Maturation
β€”|πŸ”± Fast Breed
β€”|πŸ”±: **Discord: cTV8pd7Phr**
β€”|πŸ”± Starter dino(Normal dino of your choice)
We are also in need of staff at the moment! If you would like to know more about this server, send me a dm, or just join the discord and ask there!πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“πŸ“
See you soon survivor.....

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