"Though the Chasm Wars have ended, so did the steel city of Titan. When the walls fell, so did peace. A security protocol was activated when the northern tribes took the city, it locked out the obelisks! Thankfully, thousands have evacuated to the other ARKs before it locked itself from the enemy. But enough time has passed, the northern tribes have consumed themselves with war, the security protocol will lift and the obelisks will open once more. Avelor is free!"

-A final journal entry written by Cal Shepard. A former Titan City technician and Obelisk researcher, exactly 50 years after the "Great Fall".

Avelor: The Return of Titan is a role playing server cluster designed with a story driven narrative and is dedicated to mature players. This cluster is a boosted yet balanced series, offering a less "grindy" experience for the casual player while also ensuring that there is enough danger and challenge for the seasoned veteran.

Though it is a role playing series with PvPvE design in mind, the cluster has stats and multipliers specifically set for a well balanced world for all player types to play in, this includes regular PvP players as long as they abide by the three cluster wide rules:

1. Never bully or harass other members.
2. Never attack or raid other homes or property marked with the white flag.
3. Never abuse the white flag to gain an unfair advantage over fellow PvP opponents.

These rules, as minimal as they are, are in place so that all players are as free as they can be while also ensuring that all can enjoy what the server can offer while not having to worry about trolls, griefing, and other annoying aspects about official servers. So hurry and join now! It won't be long before this server becomes password protected. Be one of the first to call this home! But remember, it's up to you to unlock the mysteries of the Obelisk as well as follow the footsteps of other key characters from long ago. But be wary, as the story will take you across many different ARKs connected to Avelor, and with them are dangers. So join the server cluster today! Solve the mysteries of the past and bring back Titan!

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Maps coming soon:
Crystal Isles & Valguero.

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