Hello, My name is ArkWorld Owner082,

I am the Admin On (Arkworld PVP), which is a 25xp/50xHarvest/FastTaming server, that does events on weekends. At the moment the cluster has the following maps: Ragnarok, The Island, Extinction, Genesis 2, Crystal Isles, Fjordur with more to come soon. The Drops on each map are modded with tek and other useful items. Our events are held every weekend and gives players chances to win high level tames, blueprints and more, as well as have lots of fun. I am looking to expand while making my server a great one for people to call home. I give Starter tames when you join the server and message me on the discord. And for a limited time I am giving the first 20 people to join a Bonus Welcome to the Server Gift.
Feel free to message me anytime if you have any questions.
See you on the server. 🙂
Here is the Discord information to better help you find us:
See You at the Event!

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